Turn your network into your greatest supporters

From raising investment to finding talent.  From building your first team to getting your first customers. 

Your network has it all.
Helpbuild will help you unleash it.

I don't have problems, I have friends.

You're building something you care about.

Whether it is a startup, an existing business, a campaign to change the world or just a hobby you care about, it is usually more successful with other people helping.

Helpbuild helps you get the people who care about you to help build what you care about.

You've got a network - but have they got you?

You probably have hundreds of connections on LinkedIn and thousands of followers on Twitter. But when you need more than likes and smilies – have they got your back.

Helpbuild helps you put your professional and social network to work on the stuff you care about.

Turn Network into Community

You know people who have the knowledge, skill and resources to help you achieve what you care about. 

Helpbuild helps you tap into that power in a way that respects their time and expertise.

Identify the relationships worth investing in.

LinkedIn and lots of other networks encourage shallow connections. 

Helpbuild helps you exercise those connections to see which have the potential to help you achieve your goals and to know which ones to invest your time and reciprocity into.

Reciprocate intelligently.

Reciprocity is powerful, so don’t waste it. We are more likely to help people who have helped us. 

Helpbuild helps you see who they are and makes it easy for you to help them in return. is owned by Wizewerx Ltd.
Photo by Nils Schirmer on Unsplash

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