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We are building a platform that harnesses your network, organising the skills, goodwill and passion of its members to help you increase your chances of success
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Who is helpbuild for?

For startups

Bootstrapping can be tough - and lonely. Sometimes it feels like you don’t have the answers and don’t know where to turn to.

Helpbuild helps you harness and organise your network into a powerful and focused force that can support and assist you as you take your dreams off the drawing board and into the real world.

For companies in growth

It’s time to accelerate; you're looking for new markets, more talent, greater experience - and you need it all to happen now!

Helpbuild brings the awesome potential of your wider network to help propel your business to the next level.

For projects that matter

Whilst it may be true that all it takes is for one person to act with purpose to make a difference, imagine the difference that could be made if we all acted together!

From pet projects and good causes to social impact initiatives, Helpbuild helps you communicate your passion for what you’re doing, so that you can inspire others to join you in creating the change you want to see in the world.