Turn your network into your greatest supporters

From raising investment to finding talent.  From building your first team to getting your first customers. 

Your network has it all.
Helpbuild will help you unleash it.

How it works

Helpbuild is simple.

Create Your Project

Whether it is a startup, an existing business, a campaign to change the world or just a hobby you care about, it is usually more successful with other people helping.

Share what you are building and you are NEEDING.
Make it compelling for the people who care about you to care about.

Invite Your Network to Help

You probably have hundreds of connections on LinkedIn and thousands of followers on Twitter. But when you need more than likes and smilies – have they got your back?

Invite them in cohorts by link e.g. Marketers on LinkedIn, Friends and Families. Or directly by email. Up to you.

Bring your network to your project and let them sign up to what they can help with.

Make Specific Requests

Make it easy for your connections to help you – create SMART requests for specific areas that your network are primed to help with. 

For example – rather than say ‘Help with Marketing’ – you might request ’30 minute chat about my marketing plan for feature X’

Helpbuild helps you tap into that power in a way that respects their time and expertise.

Show your Gratitude for Help Given

When your network helps, you reward that help with tokens of gratitude.

These are multi-purpose tokens that:

  1. Represent an IOU  for reciprocity
  2. Are used for recognition of help given on your project (on leaderboards and spotlights and other types of recognition)
  3. Your helpers can use to create their own projects (and reward their own network)
  4. Are the basis of data-driven incentives and rewards later on
NOTE: tokens are not tradable nor have any monetary value in themselves.

Bring your network to your project and let them sign up to what they can help with.

Whatever the problem, community is the answer

How it Helps

Helpbuild is based on one of the oldest customs known to humanity – community.
You share what you need and leverage the strengths, skills and reach of your network to meet those needs.

Make Better Progress

By bringing your network to your project you, you get to access to many hands to help, many eyes to see.
Helpbuild provides a simple framework with effective tools so you can delegate so much of your critical to-do list to people willing and able to help.

Access Skills, Network and More

From school friends, to friends of friends. From ex-colleagues to your friends from the gym, these groups of people have so much more to offer and want to help. You've just never really asked!

With Helpbuild, these groups become specialised providers of help, knowledge, and as bridges to their own networks.

Feel Supported

Building something you care about can often feel a lonely existence - like it is just you against the world.

With Helpbuild, you can create your support group that are proactive in supporting you and there when you need them.

Use Data and Analytics To Identify The Relationships Worth Investing In

Helpbuild exercises your connections to see which have the potential to help you achieve your goals and to know which ones to invest your time and reciprocity into.

Helpbuild turns this into actual engagement data and analytics of your network. Of course, this is NOT the only source of information to curate your network more effectively - but it is damn good to know!

Reciprocate intelligently

Helpbuild helps you see who they are and makes it easy for you to help them in return.

I don't have problems, I have friends.


25 Free Tokens to Start,
PAYG to Continue

We currently operate a basic Pay As You Go pricing.

You get started with 25 free tokens to test out your network, when those run out you can help on the platform to earn more or top up by buying a bundle.


Maximum Flexibility
£ 50
  • Per bundle of 50 tokens
  • Non expiring
  • Unlimited Helpers

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